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Wanna Have a Better Period?

How Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Moods, Body, Life and Learning

Grade level: 5th-9th, 10th-12th

Location/Dates: High Schools and/or Timber Ridge Middle School

Time(s): Whenever. Let us know if you’d come, and we’ll bring the workshop to where you are.


The menstrual cycle is essential for the creation of human life. And many of us experience periods in our bodies on a recurring basis. Unfortunately, having a period can feel uncomfortable, mysterious and solitary. Come ask any questions, debunk some myths, and learn about ways to understand, observe and work to address potentially unpleasant symptoms of this natural process.


This workshop is sponsored by Cozy Folk LLC, a local business that makes reusable pads and panty liners, and will include the option for students to pick out and take home products for free.


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Alana Kenagy

Much of Alana’s life has been spent examining why we humans cause each other pain, and how we all hold our hurt, struggles, and spirit inside of our bodies. A certified Nia Movement Instructor, former rugby coach, and emotional embodiment expert, Alana’s passion is grounded in supplementing academic knowledge with practical, emotional, and social learning to support whole-body health of kids, and future adults.

After 8+ years preparing to be a high school social studies teacher, and working in group facilitation and youth education camps, the pull of the family farm returned Alana to a seasonal relationship with the land, and the work of farming. After many years of helping to run the family business and some side enterprises, Alana shifted to running a web-based business, one that manufactures and distributes reusable menstrual products and strives to de-stigmatize menstruation and other TOTALLY NORMAL bodily functions.


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