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In 2024, Alana is offering movement classes for youth and adults (separately) through Albany Parks & Recreation, to support mental & physical well being, emotional hygiene, & self/body confidence.



Upcoming events: 

Creating Connection in Times of Overwhelm: Practicing Presence Under Pressure

Date: September 18th

Time: 2pm-5pm

Location: The Orchard, 1398 NE South Nebergall Loop

Cost: Free/donations accepted

The event will involve a mix of activities, information, and personal reflection relating to stress, emotion, and human connection. Parents and youth are encouraged to join and build some common understanding and language around dealing with difficult feelings and states.


Keep an eye out for internship opportunities, coming this winter, specifically for students in 12th grade who do not intend to go to college out of high school:

  • Apprenticeship with Self-employed Mechanic and Handyman: Got stuff you want to learn how to fix?

  • Paid Internship: Learn the Ins-and-Outs of Running an Online Sales & Sewing Business

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Past events:

Summer 2021 Programs:

Adventures in Sensemaking: Authenticity & the Human Experience

Dates: July 26th - 30th

Grade Levels: 6th - 9th grade

Time: 1pm-4:00pm


     How do we make sense of the world around you and what’s going on inside you? What is confusing about the world? What do you find confusing to make decisions and/or to understand to begin with?  

    Adventures in Sensemaking isn’t about giving you the answers, it is about honing our critical thinking skills and making sense of what is going on, personally and collectively. It is about building a skill set that will help you weather the ups and downs of life while making choices that align with your values. It’s about experiencing an atmosphere where the human experience can be explored in a non-judgemental way. It’s about learning how to relate to and understand information, information sources, our unique lenses, and the experiences of other people.

Once you sign-up you will be able to participate in suggesting and shaping topics.

     [Sign-up and/or read more here.]

Flow Through & Play: Learn Flow Arts and Build Your Own Poi or Hula Hoop

Grade level: 4th-9th

Dates: July 26th-30th 

Time:  9am-12pm


Join Sarah, Isaac, and Nate to learn the basics of flow arts and moving meditation, with focus on hoops and poi. In this class we get our bodies and minds connected with movement and meditation. We'll explore various beginner movements and tricks, a general overview of the different types of flow arts, like juggling, spinning, balance, etc., and the health benefits, as well as the history and culture of hoop/poi. We will have time for practice and one-on-one instruction, and also provide materials for building your own hoops or poi.

Come explore the many ways that we tune into our physical selves, through focused practice, but also through play!

    [Register here.]


Wildlife Tracking & Nature Awareness 

Grade level: 9th-12th

Date: Friday July 23rd

Time: 9am-4pm


Who left those hoofprints? Are those claw marks in that tree? What animals might be watching us, right now?! If you are interested in the wild animals around us, come learn about their tracks and sign.  We’ll learn how to interpret the evidence left by mammals, birds, reptiles, and even some insects!  We’ll play some games, follow some trails, and you'll come away with an increased awareness of who is around us, what they're up to, and how to move on the landscape.  Waterproof tracking journals will be provided.  Bring your curiosity and open ears and eyes.  Aspiring trackers, hunters, and everyone of all experience levels welcome, LGBTQIAA+ students encouraged.


This will be a cellphone-free time, although the instructors will have phones for emergencies.

    [Register here.]


ROLL staff are helping with the GAPS Academic Program (July 12-Aug 12) at Meadow Ridge & Timber Ridge Schools.

 ~ If your child has brought home our web address, but you don't see programming listed for their age-range:


Some Potential Future Offerings:

What is Agriculture? How Does Farming Relate to Our Food and Our Lives?

Grade level: 4th-6th

Location: Kenagy Family Farm

Dates: TBD


Tour and talk around various facets of farms and farming in the Willamette Valley. Talk with farmers of different generations about their lives and the big-and-small picture of the food system.

    [Tell us if you're interested/ get updates here.]


How Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Moods, Body, Life and Learning

Grade level: 5th-9th, 10th-12th

Time(s): Whenever. Let us know if you’d come, and we’ll bring the workshop to where you are.

The menstrual cycle is essential for the creation of human life. And many of us experience periods in our bodies on a recurring basis. Unfortunately, having a period can feel uncomfortable, mysterious and solitary. Come ask any questions, debunk some myths, and learn about ways to understand, observe and work to address potentially unpleasant symptoms of this natural process.

     [Tell us if you're interested/ Register for more info here.]


Accessibility Statement: 


We desire our programs to be accessible to as many people and learning styles as possible, and are interested in related feedback. Some of our programming does take place in outdoor locations that may not be access-friendly to all ability styles, particularly those for whom uneven ground & grass are difficult. We will have a variety of seating options for Wonder About Wednesdays, and have ground cover for folks who cannot be directly on grass. There will be an ample adult-to-youth ratio at the programs so that needs can be monitored and assisted with. If you are unsure of if a program or location may be the right fit for you, or need planning in order for it to work, please contact us.


We are a white/nearly all white staff. If you are a person of color who wonders about feeling safe or singled out, what we can say is that we are conscious that you do not deserve to carry the burdens of other people’s needs and feelings any more than any other member of the human race, and we will work to facilitate and show up in ways that help advocate for boundaries and values that honor autonomy, presence and interconnectedness. We are continually open to feedback, learning and evolution of our programming and ourselves.

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