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Adventures in Sensemaking


Adventures in Sensemaking:

Authenticity & the Human Experience

[happened 2021. can be requested again]

Location: The Orchard,

Time: 1pm-4pm

Dates: Grade Levels

     July 26th - 30th: 6th - 9th

     August 2nd- 6th: 9th - 12th OR 3rd-6th (pending registration numbers)


    What do you find confusing to understand and/or make decisions around?

    How can we make sense of the world around us? Make sense what’s going on inside of ourselves and our relationships?

    How do we find courage.. courage to understand what is true,  and explore how to align our life with our values?

    Adventures in Sensemaking isn’t about giving you the answers, it is about honing our critical thinking skills, emotional awareness and making sense of what is going on, personally and collectively. It is about building a skill set that will help you weather the ups and downs of life while making choices that align with your values. It’s about experiencing an atmosphere where the human experience can be explored in a non-judgemental way. It’s about learning how to relate to and understand information, information sources, our unique lenses, and the experiences of other people.


Goals:  Critical Thinking & Conscious Choices. Self-Reflection, Community Awareness & Nuance.

Cost: $312, or free, or sliding scale pricing.

If transportation is needed, there are options for within/near Albany, include a note in your registration form.

All students encouraged and welcome.


Spend the day with us! Check out Flow Through & Play from 9am-12pm, grades 4th-9, July 26th-30th. Registration and details here!

Want programming like Adventures in Sensemaking offered for a grade range or topic you don't see? We'd love to hear from you! Submit your requests here.

Facilitators & Stewards:

Alana's preferred yet blurry bio pic.JPG

Alana Kenagy

Much of Alana’s life has been spent examining why we humans cause each other pain, and how we all hold our hurt, struggles, and spirit inside of our bodies. A certified Nia Movement Instructor, former rugby coach, and emotional embodiment expert, Alana’s passion is grounded in supplementing academic knowledge with practical, emotional, and social learning to support whole-body health of kids, and future adults.

After 8+ years preparing to be a high school social studies teacher, and working in group facilitation and youth education camps, the pull of the family farm returned Alana to a seasonal relationship with the land, and the work of farming. After many years of helping to run the family business and some side enterprises, Alana shifted to running a web-based business in order to have more time to focus on comprehensive youth education to enable a world with less violence and more collaboration.

Jon - BioPic.JPG


Jon Boro

An electrical engineer by trade, Jon's mind is drawn to figuring out problems, innovating ideal solutions, and asking questions. He is both fascinated in and afraid for the future of humanity. Connected to the world of the internet, Jon spends time pondering how information and truth are deciphered. In recent years, his heart, and gut, have called him to study developmental trauma and psychotherapy.


Christopher Daradics

Christopher Daradics works as a development and learning strategist for CASLS,  focused on the enactive, ecological nature of language with a specific focus on the metacognition and social and functional affordances. He has presented and written on strategic language development through mindfulness training, on designing mixed-reality experiences for social benefit, and on labor market development in the language technology sector. He holds an M.A. in the philosophy and history of Western thought from St. John’s College and an M.A. in applied linguistics from the University of Oregon.

At CASLS, Christopher leads international teams in various capacities, including curricular integration, design research, and project development. His work is currently focused on developing public-private partnerships around mixed-reality experiences for organizational, social, and community development. Outside of his work at CASLS, Christopher is the curator at Resonance Studio + Gallery, a mixed-modality healing arts center in downtown Eugene.


Cale Cloutier

Cale has been a therapist for 10 years, having graduated from the Couples and Family Therapy program at the University of Oregon. He is excited for the opportunity to help facilitate conversations for eager young minds, with the goal of helping young people build a sense of self-ownership and radical acceptance toward their emotions. Cale tends toward being playful in all things, and believes that self development does not have to be a problem-focused enterprise.



Nate Probert

Nate has spent the last 8 years working as a mentor, teacher, and motivational speaker 

for youth in schools. He was introduced to yoga in 2008 while studying at Oregon State University which led to his certification as a yoga instructor. Through his own challenges and experiences, Nate has come to realize the power of mindfulness, intention and personal wellness practices. It is his passion to share these practices with fellow seekers. 

When Nate isn’t on his yoga mat, he enjoys swimming in rivers, reading books, hiking mountains, playing his guitar, adventuring with friends, and spending time with his family.

Diana Elena Photo.jpg


Diana Boro-Boswell

Diana holds a Master's in Social Work degree from the University of Washington and has spent the past 15 years teaching learners young and old. From sharing a love of journalism and bike mechanics to youth in Boston to her current position as a college success faculty at LBCC, she has always found joy in learning alongside her students. She believes that no one is too young (or too old) to level up their skills in critical thinking, empathy, and problem-solving. In her free time, she enjoys riding bikes, searching for secret swimming spots, and asking too many questions. 



Isaac Miller

Isaac discovered poi and juggling later in life and has become increasingly interested in sharing these skill sets with people of all ages and walks of life. As a professional massage therapist and caregiver, as well as an aspiring life coach), Isaac is interested in helping people, to connect with their full range of experience and to find joy in the journey of being human.

SALIX - Bio pic.JPG


Salix Scoresby

Salix has been eating wild plants since they were a little kid, has been tracking wildlife for over 10 years, and currently works as a wildlife biologist in the summers and as an EMT in rural Arizona in the winters.  Salix has worked with youth building nature awareness skills for many years, and focuses on facilitating relational knowing of our place as creatures within nature.  They enjoy teaching and learning about plants, animals and ecosystems through games, harvesting wild foods, and asking a zillion questions. 

PAUL Bio pic.JPG



Paul Leisy

Self-taught (with mentorship), Paul is a self-employed mechanic who loves farming, animals, and reading all the books. He is one of the most gentle and pragmatic teachers and friends you can find.

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