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Movement Classes for Youth & Adults
Next round of classes Starting march & April 2024

Come once-per week and give yourself the gift of feeling better -- in body, mind and soul.

No experience is necessary, and the classes are open

 to any gender, and a wide range of abilities and moods.


Classes are informed by Alana's training in the Nia Technique (which combines Martial Arts, Dance Arts, and Healing Arts) as well as a variety of somatic and self-tending practices.


We'll start with gentle instruction for dropping in/becoming present/giving our bodies the gift of free expression time without judgement. Then we learn and deepen our confidence and flexibility through repeating simple movements that can be embellished for as much of a work-out and/or tender release as you want!

 You will learn a variety of basic moves, have plenty of space for freestyle and adaptation to make the moves fit your body's way, all while getting familiar with a beautiful landscape of music.


Register through Albany Parks & Recreation, below:

Youth: (ages 12-17)

Breathe, Move & Feel Better: Nia for All

Sundays from 12:30-1:30pm

Cost: $36(Albany resident)-$47(out of town) for 4 week series.

Session 1 runs 4/7 - 4/28, 

Session 2 runs 5/12 - 6/2


Nia: Soft, Strong & Sassy Fun Fitness

Current Parks & Rec class finishes 3/21. 

--> New Albany classes starting the last week of March at Rise Up Fitness.

Drop-in Special Edition class/intro to Nia movement party at Downtown Dance in Corvallis at 1:45pm Saturday March 30th. No pre-registration required, but please do come at 1:45 so you can get oriented!


 Alana S. Kenagy is the class instructor, who you might

remember from ROLL programming in 2021!

Or know as Mx. Chevious AL from the local performing scene. 


Alana is a certified Nia Technique instructor

as well as a farmer, former rugby player & coach,

performer, dancer and embodiment enthusiast.


Drawing on extensive practice using movement as

a form of "emotional hygiene," and a way to find

balance in mind, body and spirit, Alana aims to

help others find and develop their unique

physical capacity to be active, feel more confident

and more able to weather the ups and downs of life.

Explore movement, music, creativity, stillness

and play as tools for rejuvenation and self care.

Come as you are, weekly, to a supportive

environment for increasing bodily balance,

ease and joy.


Call Parks & Rec for Registration Questions


Email Alana @


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