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Flow Through & Play:

Learn Flow Arts, Build

Your Own Poi or Hula Hoop

Grade level: 4th-9th

Location: Timber Ridge School, 373 Timber Ridge St NE, Albany

Dates: July 26th-30th 

Time:  9am-12pm


Join Sarah, Isaac, and Nate to learn the basics of flow arts and moving meditation, with focus on hoops and poi. In this class we get our bodies and minds connected with movement and meditation. We'll explore various beginner movements and tricks, a general overview of the different types of flow arts, like juggling, spinning, balance, etc., and the health benefits, as well as the history and culture of hoop/poi. We will have time for practice and one-on-one instruction, and also provide materials for building your own hoops or poi.

Come explore the many ways that we tune into our physical selves, through focused practice, but also through play!

Cost: $150, or free or sliding scale pricing.

If transportation is needed, there are options, include a note in your registration form.

LGBTQ2IAA+ and ALL students encouraged.

Spend the day with us! Check out Adventures in Sensemaking in the afternoon from 1pm-4pm, grades 6-9, July 26th-30th. Registration and details here!

Want programming like Flow Through & Play offered for a grade range or topic you don't see? We'd love to hear from you! Submit your requests here.



Sarah Lahanas

Sarah has been practicing the flow arts for over a decade and has performed at several festivals, fairs, and events. While she enjoys sharing her passion through performance, she particularly enjoys teaching others the art of flow. She primarily spins hula hoops but also enjoys poi and contact juggling.

Sarah is fascinated with understanding how the brain works to create our perception of reality and how our personal experiences influence this process. She has a Bachelor of Science in psychology and has worked in research labs studying the effects of substance use on the structure and function of the brain. In addition to instructing with ROLL Albany, she also assists with research, planning, and logistics.

When she isn’t hooping or studying the brain, she enjoys drawing, making jewelry, hiking, camping, and live music.



Isaac Miller

Isaac discovered poi and juggling later in life and has become increasingly interested in sharing these skill sets with people of all ages and walks of life. As a professional massage therapist and caregiver, as well as an aspiring life coach, Isaac is interested in helping people, to connect with their full range of experience and to find joy in the journey of being human.


Nate Probert

Nate has spent the last 8 years working as a mentor, teacher, and motivational speaker 

for youth in schools. He was introduced to yoga in 2008 while studying at Oregon State University which led to his certification as a yoga instructor. Through his own challenges and experiences, Nate has come to realize the power of mindfulness, intention and personal wellness practices. It is his passion to share these practices with fellow seekers. 

When Nate isn’t on his yoga mat, he enjoys swimming in rivers, reading books, hiking mountains, playing his guitar, adventuring with friends, and spending time with his family.

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