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Introduction to Yoga, Movement & Self-Awareness

with Nate & Alana

If you or our child is attending the GAPS Academic programs at Meadow Ridge & Timber Ridge Schools, they may encounter Alana and Nate.

We are functioning like summer school substitutes, filling in gaps in the GAPS academic program. :)

General content description:

Come as you are, play, laugh, experiment and even rest.

Yoga aims to harmonize our minds and bodies with our spirit. With these sessions we explore small ways to find stability, unlock your health, observe and listen to how energy, feelings and moods moves throughout your body. Have you ever had an experience that made you feel happy, sad, excited, or mad, for an entire day? An entire week?? An entire year??? Our minds play a big role in creating the world we experience each day.

     We’ll start with a check-in and gear the day's practices to caring for what’s alive in our bodies. In this class you will learn simple techniques to calm your nervous system, check in with yourself and explore what you need to feel more at peace moving through the ups and downs of life.



Nate Probert

Nate has spent the last 8 years working as a mentor, teacher, and motivational speaker 

for youth in schools. He was introduced to yoga in 2008 while studying at Oregon State University which led to his certification as a yoga instructor. Through his own challenges and experiences, Nate has come to realize the power of mindfulness, intention and personal wellness practices. It is his passion to share these practices with fellow seekers. 

When Nate isn’t on his yoga mat, he enjoys swimming in rivers, reading books, hiking mountains, playing his guitar, adventuring with friends, and spending time with his family.



Alana Kenagy

Much of Alana’s life has been spent examining why we humans cause each other pain, and how we all hold our hurt, struggles, and spirit inside of our bodies. A certified Nia Movement Instructor, former rugby coach, and emotional embodiment expert, Alana’s passion is grounded in supplementing academic knowledge with practical, emotional, and social learning to support whole-body health of kids, and future adults.

Part time farmer, part time small business owner, and founder of ROLL.

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